Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Welcome to poppis world.

My dream is to be a world champ at go-karting. I hope some day it will come true.Im the only lady driver in the ambition motor sport team.

These are my top three favourite drivers:

1st. Riley Stephenson [my brother]

2nd. Bradley & Jack

3rd. Aston

Sunday 21st july 2013
Every week I go go-karting, its mostly on a wednesday.

this week im going on a thursday.

My least favourite track is:brands Hatch

My favourite track is: bayford meadows.

I was a bambino driver but now im a honda cadet kart driver.

Driving is one of the things i want to do all my life.

My number of my kart is 77.

My grandad takes me to go-karting.


we got a trailer,my dads going to draw me and my brother in our go-karts

to go on our traler because he is good at drawing.we got our very own honda cadet karts.

Well, this is my first post, so I hope you like it and come back soon.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. May all your dreams and more come true for you! I am looking forward to seeing more posts on your lovely blog and following your Karting progress. I will be by your side all the way!!!
    Love you squillions,

    Mum xxx

  2. hi sweet poppi
    really lovely post.
    your dream will come true one day.
    look forward to your next post with much anticipation.