Saturday, 17 August 2013

About Me!


I like playing with my frend aiya.

Im frightened of snakes.

I find school boring.

I like sitting on my hammock.

My nanna and grandad take me and my brother on holiday every year.
funniest moments 
when i Iaughed my head off and nearly knock riley off his chair.
Most worrying moment:
ive saved my big brother before because he was under the water so he was not breathing so i slung him over the edge of the hot tub.
bravest moment:
when i sang in front of my whole family.
Most embarrising secret:
i cant sleep with out my teddy bear [angel].
Well thats a little bit of info about me, please leave a comment, telling me about you.
Poppi x

P.S. Please drop by soon

1 comment:

  1. These things and so much more make you the lovely person you are :)

    Hugs Nanna